Flatlogic Ecommerce is an online store template built with React and NextJS. If you need to develop brand new application it's a good idea to use a template as a head start. This app can be used either as a blueprint for your new project or can serve you and your company as a components library. There are considerable amoutn of ready-mage components that wil be listed in a list below.

Moreover, there is a backend Flatlogic E-commerce backend, enhanced with working node.js backend with authentication, login strategies, access management, user roles and CRUD. Please refer to backend documentation for details

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  • Products listing
  • Filter
  • SSR (seo friendly)
  • SEO module
  • 2 Dashboards (for admin and customer)
  • Blog
  • Content moderation
  • Stripe integration
  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • PostgersSQL
  • And even more coming soon!

Support forum

For any additional information please go to our support forum and raise your questions or feedback provide there. We highly appreciate your participation!

Support forum
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